Cactus Kate's Metal Artworks

What is Cactus Kate's Metal Artworks?

Cactus Kate's Metal Artworks is an artist-owned small business located in Mesa, Arizona. All products are made with US mild steel of varying gauges. Many of the creations are made to remain in their natural state so the artwork may gradually develop a natural rust patina, or the artwork can be sealed, or painted. Cactus Kate's was founded in March 2013 and was born from a newly-found creative outlet for the artist.  We don't know where this journey is going to take us, but we're working hard to make it a worthwhile, fun-spirited, and giving opportunity.

Part of our proceeds are donated to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

As part of Cactus Kate's outreach and support for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, a portion of each sale of the "Heartbeat" magnets will be donated to this organization to help get the word out that lives can be saved by learning chest-only-compression CPR and having automatic external defibrillator machines accessible in businesses, churches, shopping malls, government buildings - anywhere that people live, work, and play. Please go to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation website below to learn how you can save the life of someone you love. (Order your Heartbeat magnets under the "Heartbeat Magnets" tab.)

The Artist

Kathy (alter ego - Cactus Kate), lives and dreams in Mesa, Arizona.  Her greatest accomplishments are her two children and subsequently, grandchildren. Kathy loves to spend her time creating designs for plasma cutting based on desert plants and animals, and enjoys welding both large and intricate pieces.